Please Don’t Laugh at My Jokes

If You Want to Be a Stand-Up Comic, You've Got to Learn How to Bomb

My heart was beating a mile a minute. Perspiration started to form in my armpits. Soon I would smell like the cab driver who’d brought me here. I was one minute into my stand-up act. And all I could hear were the horrible thoughts racing through my mind.

Oh God, they’re not laughing. No one is laughing. Do the next joke. Setup, punch line … nothing. A bead of sweat slowly ran down the side of my face. The next one, do the next one. This always crushes.

Except this time, …

Sometimes Falling Feels Like Flying

An Interview with Ali Prosch

by Stephanie Washburn

Ali Prosch investigates modes of female representation through her work in video, installation, and performance art. A 2009 MFA graduate of CalArts in Valencia, she has exhibited at …