America’s Knottiest Quests

Talking Syria and a Political Center With General Wesley Clark, Public Intellectual Michael Lind, and Journalist Peter Beinart

Host Anne-Marie Slaughter is joined by General Wesley Clark, who oversaw the Kosovo campaign in the late ’90s, and shares his thoughts on what the Balkans can teach us about Syria. Slaughter also talks with public intellectual, author, and New America co-founder Michael Lind, journalist Peter Beinart, and Zócalo editorial director Andrés Martinez about the ever-evolving quest for the American Center.

Is It Later Than Israel Thinks?

Peter Beinart on American Jews and the Jewish State

Peter Beinart started his talk at the Heard Museum in Phoenix with praise for Israel. Israel’s creation, Beinart said, has been a blessing for the Jewish people. It has provided …

Liberal Hopes For the Jewish State

What Should American Liberals Want For Israel?


In his latest book, Peter Beinart argues that Israel is on a trajectory that is increasingly at odds with its founding Zionist ideals. The risk is that Jewish-American liberals, who …