Hello, Mr. Chips

Craig R. Barrett, Former CEO and President of Intel, Discusses the Future Of Nanotechnology

When Michael M. Crow, the president of Arizona State University, introduced Craig R. Barrett, the former CEO and president of Intel, he called Barrett “a singularly important actor in one of the most profound technologies in human history.”

But when Barrett entered Stanford University in 1957 as a student of metallurgical engineering (not even knowing how to spell the word “metallurgical”), the changes of the next half-century with which he would be intimately involved were impossible to imagine. The world was only on the cusp of technologies like the modern transistor …

Journalist Fernanda Santos

The New York Times’ Woman in Phoenix Says Arizona Lawyers Know How to Party

Fernanda Santos covers Arizona and New Mexico as the Phoenix bureau chief for The New York Times. Before moderating a panel on rebuilding neighborhoods after foreclosure, she talked the trials …

All Roads From Phoenix Lead to San Diego

The California Coast Has Always Been Part Of Phoenician History-and Mine

Long before the Interstate 8 connected Arizona and San Diego, there was the Old Plank Road. The name is what it sounds like. Wooden planks provided cars with a way …

Sprawling Is For Poor People

Rich Americans Are Liking Dense, Urban Living Like Never Before, Says Alan Ehrenhalt

Americans are trading places. The more affluent are moving into city centers, and the lower classes are being displaced to the suburbs. It’s what urbanologist Alan Ehrenhalt calls a “demographic …

Wait, Arizona Has a History?

Even Those Who Live In the Grand Canyon State Know Little Of Its Past

“How many people here are natives of Arizona?” asked Flinn Foundation President and CEO Jack Jewett. Only a few hands in the large audience at Tucson’s Hotel Congress, at an …

Planting L.A. Seeds in Phoenix

Whichever Way I’m Driving on I-10, I’m Heading Home

My aunt Marta asks, When are you coming back home?

She means Los Angeles: Long Beach, Lynwood, Lakewood, Norwalk, Azusa. L.A. County. She even means Orange County. “Nuestra Señora La Reina …