To Rein in California’s Cops, Reclaim City Hall

Escalating Salaries, Benefits, and Pensions for Police Are Crowding Out Other Services Our State Badly Needs

When you hear cops reporting widespread looting in California, you should believe them. Because they are true experts. Indeed, for many decades, the most successful looters in our state have been the police themselves.

Of course, California’s nearly 80,000 sworn officers don’t bother with the small-time grift of stealing electronics during civil unrest. Instead, they prefer to sack the treasuries of the governments that employ them, in both good times and bad.

In communities across our state, the escalating salaries, benefits, and pensions of police are swallowing up municipal budgets—and crowding out …

Unreal Just How Awful Real ID Is | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

It’s Unreal Just How Awful ‘Real ID’ Is

A New Federal Standard for Driver's Licenses Threatens Our Basic Freedoms

Do you love this country, this state, and your freedoms?

Then show it. Defy your state and national governments—and refuse to get a “Real ID.”

There are bad ideas. There are very …