An Overconfident Public Learns the Limits of Predictive Technology

In Chaotic Times, We Rely Too Much on Big Data to Forecast the Future

It’s dark outside and you’re bleary-eyed. You search for your phone and it reads 3:17 a.m. Your mind starts to wander: Why does my boss want to meet with me tomorrow? Did I forget to change the diaper on my baby and will I soon be awoken by crying and a wet bed? Will that fun, flirty date turn into something real?

You then use your smart phone to look through emails about the meeting, or to cyber-stalk your love interest. You’re searching for information that might help you predict …

The Media’s Prediction Addiction Is Anti-Democratic

Poll-Obsessed Journalists Try to Pick Winners Before the People Do

You have to give them credit: many journalists are confessing that they really blew it in the first act of this presidential election season. But most of their mea …