How Body Cameras Curbed Police Use of Force in Rialto

Monitoring of Police-Community Interactions Can Improve Behavior and Ease Tension

What can the city of Rialto, in California’s San Bernardino County, teach the world’s criminal justice agencies? You might think very little given that its police department only serves 100,000 residents and has a front-line force of 54 officers. What you might not know is that the Rialto Police Department led the world in the understanding of how body-worn cameras can change policing.

In 2012, we joined with the Rialto Police Department in conducting the world’s first randomised experiment of the effect of body cameras on relations between police and …

Why I Walk at Night in San Bernardino

Until We Stop The Violence This Will Never Be A Healthy Place

San Bernardino is often described as the second-poorest city in America and it is a violent place. It will never be a healthy place—cannot be a healthy place—until we stop …