Ray Bradbury’s Mirror to Our World

Democracy. Technology. The Media. The Science-Fiction Writer—Who Would've Turned 100 This Week—Has Never Been So Relevant

Happy 100th birthday, Ray Bradbury. But did you have to be so right about our world?

There were no candles and no cake on the YouTube or Twitter livestreams during a virtual Zócalo/Fowler Museum at UCLA event with ZYZZYVA, held to honor the late writer’s August 22, 1920 birth. But a lively panel of writers and scholars delved into Bradbury’s literary visions of the future, and the insights and warnings they still provide for humanity.

“Ray would often say he wasn’t trying to predict the future,” said Bradbury’s friend, actor and director …

The Martians From SoCal

Before Ray Bradbury Shaped the Future, L.A. Shaped Him

In an international city known for its love of technology and novelty, its mighty freeways, and its complex and mostly harmonious ethnic mix, an automobile-scorning Midwesterner may seem like the …