Why Starting a Preschool Is Harder Than You Think

How A Reluctant Community Activist Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

I was a reluctant community activist. I didn’t plan on creating a movement for a new preschool in our community. I just wanted to find better care for my son. But I found myself leading an effort that, through its successes and failures, has taught me a lot about community change.

My family lives in a rural, geographically isolated area of Northern California. Del Norte County has just a handful of preschools, and back in 2009, the only two that had space for our son Henry were private religious schools that …

Juggling Tuition, Exams, and the Fear of Deportation

At the University of California, a New Legal Center Helps Undocumented Students Focus on Their Coursework

Being a college student often means taking on debt, leaving your home and your family behind, studying harder than ever before, and trying to figure out what to do with …