I Don’t Have J-Lo’s Sex Tape

And I'm Not Claudia Vazquez (At Least Not That Claudia Vazquez)

In Los Angeles, we use odd clues to measure success. That’s why, when celebrity magazine InStyle emailed me a little over a year ago for comments regarding a J-Lo scandal, I thought to myself, “Hey, I’ve made it!”

After all, why wouldn’t InStyle want to talk to me? I’ve been on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. I used to say my name once a week on an NPR affiliate when introducing Zócalo Radio on Sunday nights. I’ve been on television–well, the Spanish channels, at least. Of course the tabloids would want …

To Have and to Hate

My Grandparents and Seven Rotten Decades of Marriage

My grandfather, age 94, is in the hospital for a hip replacement. My grandmother, age 87, hasn’t visited him once. It’s been almost two weeks now.

Many of us dream of …

My Kosher Meat Market Mixer

Looking For Love, Finding Community At Synagogue

Whenever I mention Friday Night Live to young Jews in the LA area, someone will undoubtedly mutter something about a “meat market.” While the event at Westwood’s Sinai Temple is …