How to Build an Ecosystem for High-Quality Journalism

German Reporters Say the Future of Digital Media Will Be Structured Like a Coral Reef

People all over the world are searching, like explorers, for a model to support the high-quality digital journalism our societies and democracies need.

We think we’ve found a model at sea. It looks like a reef.

Coral reefs are miracles of evolution. They are among the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. They exist in a nearly nutrient-free ocean and have no central control—and yet they are enormously productive. They are also endangered.

Reefs have more than a little in common with freelance journalists. Freelancers are one of the most important resources for media …

To All the Wars I’ve Loved Before

Thoughts on a Career of Running Toward the Guns

The author and fellow journalists prepare to flee Saigon as the city falls

When I first stepped onto the tarmac in Saigon in August of 1970, I was a 27-year-old correspondent …