A Tale of Two Goldwaters

What Barry and Morris Understood About Getting Along

To avoid encountering the name Goldwater, you’d have to pay little attention to nature photography or Hopi culture–no reading Arizona Highways or visiting the Kachina doll collection at the Heard Museum. You would have to avoid flying in or out of Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 4. You would have to eschew studying the state’s history or politics. You couldn’t even follow the news, since the Goldwater Institute continues to fight for conservative principles in the state.

But the Goldwater whose name pervades the state–U.S. Senator, 1964 presidential candidate, and conservative …

The Ultimate in Reality TV

Flaws and All, Presidential Debates are a Healthy Part of the Job Interview

The bell rang for Round 10, as CNBC hosted its Republican candidate debate on Wednesday. The financial network (and Herman Cain!) hoped to focus the discussion on economic issues.

Nowhere is …

Clash of Mormons

Two Arizona Races Serve as Leading Indicators of Republican Immigration Policy

How will the growing political influence of the LDS Church shape the Republican Party and the nation’s immigration debate? I believe the church’s global agenda may prove a counterbalance to …

Don’t Mess With … Nuance

Rick Perry, No Stranger to California Republicans

Texas Governor Rick Perry is the flavor of the month in the Republican presidential nomination. Depending on which political gurus you want to listen to, Perry’s candidacy will be just …

Not Foreigners, Followers

Will Mormons Save the GOP from Xenophobia?

Two growing forces in conservative politics are on a collision course: xenophobic nationalism and Mormonism.

The Tea Party movement, with its rejection of Chamber of Commerce-type Republican elites, rose-tinted view of …

Supreme Misunderstanding

D.C., Arizona Conservatives Don't See Politics the Same Way

The United States Supreme Court last month made headlines with a 5-4 decision to strike down a key provision of Arizona’s campaign finance law that gave additional funds to candidates …