Sunshine on the Sunshine

A Controversy Obscures What’s Really Wrong With California’s Landmark Open Meeting Law

Reporters and gadflies worship the Brown Act, California’s open meeting law, except for their complaints that it isn’t stringent enough. Ironically, the mother of all state sunshine laws was drafted not by open government crusaders but by lawyers for the California League of Cities, which now routinely tries to fend off efforts to make the law even more onerous for the 5,000 counties, cities and public agencies that must abide by it or face civil and/or criminal penalties.

The Brown Act is in the news this month, via reports that …

Why Do Local Governments Keep Swiping Your Money?

Because California Is About 6,500 Times Crazier Than You’d Think

The FBI has raided the offices of State Senator Ron Calderon of Montebello as part of an investigation that, according to published reports, is examining practices at the Central Basin …

Thankless, but Essential, Work

Who Will Manage the Rustbelt Cities in our Midst?

Wanted: Dynamic city manager with ability to motivate a demoralized workforce to deliver quality public services, while operating in crisis mode with no money. Must set a personal example of …