There’s a Difference Between Riots and Rebellion

Dismissing Unrest in America's Cities as Aimless Violence Overlooks the Roots of People’s Anger

From the Boston Tea Party to the recent protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, Americans have a long history of using violence to combat oppression and push for social change. But …

Could the Riots Make Sweden a Better Democracy?

I Love My Adopted Country. But Democracy Can’t Be All Top-Down.

I moved to Sweden 26 years ago, a Swiss native and journalist following his wife home to Falun. I became a citizen in 2000 and feel the country is my …

Be Grateful, London

Like It or Not, You Need L.A.'s Help

As some went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.
– Alison Lurie.

The rioting, looting and clashes with police in …

My Stiff Upper Lip

A Californian Keeps Calm and Carries On During the London Riots

When I moved to London to attend university, my parents were afraid I’d get caught in an explosion. In my first weeks in London, I saw a polished blonde foam …