Do You Know How Your Steak Was Killed?

Independent South Dakotan Buffalo Ranchers Don’t Shoot Their Meat, They Harvest It

With my wife Jill, I own a herd of 500 buffalo who range across 25,000 acres of western South Dakota. They eat only grass and have the freedom to move many miles every day. They have a very good life. The large predators are all gone and without them our buffalo would soon overpopulate and damage the grasslands if left on their own. There is also the need for us to make a living.

So every year we harvest about 950 animals raised to our criteria—100 of our own buffalo, 150 …

Mourning Prince, Ziggy Stardust … and Oedipus

Social Media Brings an Ancient Greek Twist to a Previously Private American Ritual

After Prince died my Facebook news feed filled with mourning. My friends shared the time he sang “Starfish and Coffee” with the Muppets, told stories of going to concerts at …

When I Say ‘Midlife,’ Don’t Think ‘Crisis’

We Need a Clear Ritual to Help Us Reckon With the Triumphs and Disappointments of Life Thus Far

I set out to write about those leaked “Panama Papers” that offered a titillating glimpse of how the world’s rich and infamous park their wealth in once secretive offshore safe …