How Much Can California Ask of Its Rivers?

From Parks to Housing to Economic Renewal, the Golden State’s Former Backwaters Face a Flood of Expectations

California is finally embracing its rivers. But it may be a choking embrace.

We Californians have long celebrated our coastal splendor and toasted the height and beauty of our mountains. But our rivers? For most of us, they have been a mere utility, the plumbing that moved water around the state.

Today in the Golden State, its regions and its people are at long last taking the advice of the late environmentalist David Brower, who counseled his fellow Californians to “begin thinking like a river,” and fulfilling the eternal Christmas dream …

Can a Concrete Ditch Become an Urban River Playground?

Photographs of Fort Worth’s Trinity River Show a Transformed City Waterway

The Trinity River winds its way through the North Central and Coastal plains of Texas, threads through Fort Worth and Dallas, and skirts the Houston area before meeting the Gulf …