L.A. Greats of Film and Food Jon Favreau and Roy Choi Screen ‘Chef’

The ‘My Favorite Movie’ Series Launches With a Love and Laugh Fest

In 2009, Zócalo was the first L.A. organization to invite Roy Choi—then a restaurant-chef-turned-food-truck-operator who was selling Korean barbecue-filled tacos on the streets of Southern California—to speak on a panel about food. Five years later, back on Zócalo’s stage, Choi told a massive, standing-room-only crowd that “it’s nice to come full circle.” He was launching the Zócalo/KCRW “My Favorite Movie” series at downtown’s Million Dollar Theatre.

Today, Choi’s restaurant empire stretches across the city, he’s the author of a memoir, L.A. Son, and he and his partners have even opened a …

Why Roy Choi Is Our State’s New Steve Jobs

California's Style of Fusion Created the Kogi Taco and the iPhone. But How Do We Keep It Going?

Californians have fallen in love with the recipes of L.A. chef Roy Choi, the man best known for creating the Korean barbecue taco.

But does California have a recipe to cook …