Conflict and Reconciliation Expert Emma Sky

My Earliest Memory Was Wanting to Help End Wars

Emma Sky, OBE, is a British expert on conflict, reconciliation, and stability, who has worked mainly in the Middle East. The founding director of the International Leadership Center at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, which oversees the Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program, from 2007 to 2010, she served in Iraq as the political adviser to U.S. Army General Ray Odierno, and as the governorate coordinator of Kirkuk for the Coalition Provisional Authority from 2003 to 2004. Before interviewing her former colleague Steve Miska about what the U.S. owes our …

The Myth of a “Lost White Tribe” That Created a Global Racial Caste System

Pseudo-Scientific Theories About a "Perfect" Race Still Drive Ethnic Violence Today

18th-century German anatomist Johann Blumenbach kept a collection of 250 human skulls, but he found one skull particularly enchanting. “My beautiful typical head of a young Georgian female,” he wrote, …

Will Online Courses Make Education a Human Right?

The Overwhelming Majority of Today's MOOC Students Are Western, White, and Well-Off. Recent Experiments Suggest How That Could Change.

Just the first word in the name—massive open online course—poses the question. Just how big can MOOCs be?

MOOCs combine filmed lectures, readings, course material, and online interactions among professors and …