The Clucking Hens of My Altadena Home

My Backyard Chickens Give Me Eggs—and Lessons in Life, Death, and the Pecking Order

Raising backyard chickens isn’t anything new for my wife, Anne, and me. We have lived in Altadena for 16 years and have had flocks for almost as long. Let me say up front that Anne is the supportive and suffering spouse in this story. And so I’ve inserted her comments in brackets […] throughout.

My father introduced backyard chickens into our family in 1960s Orange County. Back then, there were still some patches of agriculture—an orange grove, strawberry fields—near our Stanton home. Dad, who grew up in eastern Texas where …

Even Halloween Has Become Aspirational

Why Get To Know the Neighbors When the Trick-or-Treat Experience Is So Much Classier In Another Part of Town?

Last Halloween, I felt like the victim in a horror film. I was the guy ignoring the wise warning of my older next-door neighbor.

You’ll need at least 15 bags to …

Hospitalizing Asian Gamblers and Scratching My Car

The Casino Buses of San Gabriel Are Dangerous Nuisances. They’re Also a Reminder Of How Unaware We’re Becoming Of Our Own Communities.

I was in the city of San Gabriel parking on Valley Boulevard, the 42nd Street of Chinese-American commerce, when a man missing a lot of teeth walked over to me. …

What Money For Education?

California Schools Are Gutted. Sacramento Hasn’t Changed That.

While Governor Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats are arguing about a new funding formula for dividing up some school dollars, parents like me are still scratching our heads over …

Good People of El Monte: Please Un-Fire Me

Everyone Loved Our Aquatic Center’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Video. Well, Almost Everyone.

Thank you, South Korean rapper Psy, for asking the mayor of El Monte to give me back my job. I never expected that getting fired from a municipal swimming pool …