Could Cesar Chavez Deliver Immigration Reform?

A Student of Chavez Is Leading a Fast on the National Mall; History Suggests the Tactic May Work

Forty-six years ago, Cesar Chavez huddled in Delano, California with a group of farmworkers he had launched on an improbable mission: to stop the sale of grapes until California growers agreed to sign union contracts. Four months into the grape boycott, the farmworkers were floundering. Chavez was neither discouraged nor daunted as he lectured his staff on how to succeed:

“Concentrate all your time, every bit of your time, blindly,” he told the United Farm Workers organizers. If they were single-minded, he told them, they could achieve anything. They must try …

Westlands Water District’s Jason Peltier

He’s Not a Fan of L.A., But He Likes Feeding Angelenos

Jason Peltier is chief deputy manager of the Westlands Water District, which provides agricultural water for over 600,000 acres in the western San Joaquin Valley. Before participating in a panel on …

Will High-Caliber Doctors Practice In Low-Appeal Places?

Medical Professionals Often Avoid Places Like the San Joaquin Valley, But One Place In Kansas Might Have Some Ideas

It takes a special kind of doctor to practice in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

It’s one of the state’s sickest regions, with high rates of obesity and diabetes and an epidemic …