SLO Down, You Move Too Fast, California

In Praise of the Peaceful Pleasures of San Luis Obispo County

SLO down, California. Even in pandemic, you move too fast.

This new year, perhaps we should all resolve to model the spirit of SLO, the acronym that embodies San Luis Obispo, perhaps the easiest place in California to catch your breath and get a little rest.

SLO has been central to my own coping strategy during this miserable COVID year. Whenever work pressures or distance learning horrors or home confinement makes our family feel like we’re going insane, the five of us take our 2006 Toyota Scion three hours north from L.A. …

I Quit My Job to Teach People About Obamacare

I Hosted 23 Workshops in San Luis Obispo to Explain the New Law. Here’s How It Went.

When I first moved to San Luis Obispo, I thought I’d go back to my native Wisconsin after I finished my degree at Cal Poly. More than 40 years later, …