That Cellist on the Promenade Is Living Off Your Tips

He’s Also Playing the Same Songs Over and Over, Spending Hours Waiting for a Good Spot, and Dealing With the Occasional Hostile Clown

We made the decision in December of 2005.

The two of us had just returned to Los Angeles from a 10-week nationwide tour in support of the debut album that we released independently to showcase our minimalist sound. (We describe it as “cello rock.” Others may call it folk rock.) Boxes full of CDs from our ambitious first pressing were stacked in the corner of our rehearsal space. We sat there brainstorming ways to sell them in an effort to fund our next album. Before we left for our tour, Ed …

Jesse Gomez

The Tattoo-Sporting, Motorcycle-Riding, Princeton-Educated Restaurateur Who’s Bringing Mexican Back

Most of what I know about the restaurant business I learned from Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain’s 2000 tell-all memoir of his life as a high-end restaurant chef, Kitchen Confidential, was rife …

Move LA’s Denny Zane

Sunday Afternoons at the Third Street Promenade

Denny Zane is executive director of transportation advocacy group Move LA. Before participating in a panel on whether the bicycle will kill the car in Southern California, he offered commuting …

How American Is the One-Man Band?

Arthur Nakane, Street Musician of Southern California, Might Have Some Answers

For better and for worse, today’s America leaves its citizens to fend for themselves. So does that mean that each of us has to be a One-Man Band?

Fortunately, there’s a …

When Santa Monica Was Still Oshkosh By the Sea

In 1973, Real Estate and Business Interests Ran the City. My Fellow Activists and I Helped Change That.

I can’t think of a song about an apartment. Nor can I recall a single poem or novel about one. (I do remember a great little movie many years ago …