Santa, Please Save San Diego!

This Christmas, All America's Finest City Wants Is a Bigger Convention Center

Dear Kris Kringle,

This Christmas, can you save San Diego by bringing the city the one gift its civic elite obsessively wants, but doesn’t get?

I’m talking deep obsession. Yes, Captain Ahab hunted his whale beyond all reason, and Javert pursued punishment against Jean Valjean.

But, St. Nick, I’ll bet you’ve never encountered a fixation as all-consuming as San Diego’s desire to expand its convention center.

After more than a decade of failed attempts at an expansion, San Diego’s preoccupation with this has become both sad and embarrassing. America’s Finest City …

Where Does Santa Call Ho-Ho-Home?

Nordic Countries Are Battling to Claim the Legend's Address, but Maybe It's Better Not to Know

In my neighborhood, everyone gets a chance to live with Santa.

Östanfors, an old miners’ district in the town of Falun, Sweden, has a longstanding tradition of moving Old Saint …