Searching for Wonder and Beauty in Downtown L.A.

I Need a Place that Restores My Spirit in an Efficient Hour

Escape. I have come to realize that only regular and solitary immersion in a gorgeous, inspiring place keeps me sane and energized for my life’s work. I need to be gobsmacked by beauty, the kind found only in nature or art: That “thing outside ourselves that brings us to ourselves,” as poet Adrienne Rich put it. For me, it must be a place that leaves me so filled with awe, or what some call God, that I can’t even talk right for an hour.

I first discovered this hunger for …

Far From the Madding In-N-Out Burger

Where Can One Find Solitude?


For most people, seclusion has never been easy to find, but today it may be harder than ever. Empty places are few, and communication devices keep us perpetually on call. …