Why We Still Like Ike

The General Slyly Convinced Americans He Was Above Party

In July 1959, JFK had dinner with Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. at Hyannis Port, and late in the evening over drinks and cigars, the politician told the historian what he really thought of the sitting president. “No man is less loyal to old friends than Eisenhower,” Kennedy said with what Schlesinger later described as “contempt.” Eisenhower was “terribly cold and terribly vain,” Kennedy continued. “In fact, he is a shit.”

Most Americans, at the time and later, took a very different view of the 34th president. From 1944, when he led the …

Immigration Alienation

Is America Following Europe's Dubious Model?

I thought I was taking a break from my life as an immigration reform advocate in Washington. Of course, I knew immigration was a roiling issue in Europe too. Even …