Tattoos Don’t Come Off As Easily As They Go On

More People Than Ever Are Regretting Getting Inked. Good Thing We’ve Got Lasers

There are few places where lawyers, ex-gang members, stay-at-home moms, and rebellious teens all converge. At my job as a receptionist at a tattoo removal office, this is my daily experience. My routine of checking patients in and out is often interrupted by someone coming in to inquire about our services. There’s the man who tells me he’s wanted to get rid of a homemade tattoo that says “tattoo” in chicken-scratch writing, or the guy who changed his mind in the middle of getting a huge back piece. Other situations …

Tattoos Are Proof We Exist

Amidst Change and Turmoil, Our Bodies Are the Best Place to Store Memories

Pressed up against the Pacific Ocean and the county line, my hometown of Long Beach is the last city in Los Angeles.

Since its founding in 1897, Long Beach has …