Zoom Made Me a Better Teacher

When Classrooms Went Digital, Relationship Building Became My Most Essential Tool to Keep Students Engaged

The start of the new year at the middle school where I teach in South Los Angeles has been stressful; the rapid spread of the Delta variant shook us from the tenuous sense of security we were lulled into over the summer. Fans blow in the hallway, dual air filters hum in the classrooms, staff screen kids for symptoms at the gate, and everyone wears masks.

The stakes are high: the surrounding community was ravaged in earlier waves of COVID-19 as family members in service jobs or working in nearby garment …

An Education Budget With No Class

As the School Year Gets Shorter, I Teach My Students Less and Less

As summer vacation wanes, I begin printing out blank calendar pages, August through June–one set for my sophomore English honors classes, another set for my print and broadcast journalism classes. …