An L.A. Weather Report in 2100 A.D.

Dallas Raines the Fourth Says It’s Scorching In Santa Monica

Traffic remains heavy on the westbound and eastbound 10, 15, 20, and 25 freeways. And now it’s over to the Southland weather report with Dallas Raines the Fourth.

Thank you, Chip. Normally, I do weather forecasts. But today, as we approach our first day of spring in the year 2100, I’d like to pause and do a weather look-back. I know that nobody wants to hear pining for the old days, but after this winter of heavy rains and devastating floods throughout the Los Angeles basin, I cannot resist. So let …

Learning to Love That Furnace-Like Sensation

What’s the Most Delightful Way To Spend a 100-Plus-Degree Day Outdoors?

When summer rolls around, many of us react much as we would in winter: by running inside. But some hearty souls brave the sun and stay out of doors. They …