When I Say ‘Midlife,’ Don’t Think ‘Crisis’

We Need a Clear Ritual to Help Us Reckon With the Triumphs and Disappointments of Life Thus Far

I set out to write about those leaked “Panama Papers” that offered a titillating glimpse of how the world’s rich and infamous park their wealth in once secretive offshore safe havens. The topic seemed tailor-made for a column obsessed with the permeability of borders. But I just can’t fake any enthusiasm for such a big non-story. Was it really news to anyone that corrupt autocrats, shady tax dodgers, and plenty of honorable folks who worry about the shaky rule of law in their own countries open accounts and create corporations …

Why We Let Sports Teams Break Our Hearts

As the Super Bowl Draws Near, Zealous Fans Yearn for Shared Storylines That Last a Lifetime

When I was growing up in Mexico, I rooted for a scrappy, financially troubled soccer team named Atlético Español that ultimately broke my heart by being relegated to a lower …

Don’t Blame The Candidates—Blame Yourself

Americans Are Finally Getting Political Contenders as Extreme as Our Rhetoric

We may finally be getting the presidential candidates we deserve.

Forget all that talk about the wisdom of voters, and the great American people. We are the problem, with our shrill, …

The Real New Year Starts in September

The NFL, Hollywood, Uncle Sam, and Judaism Can't All Be Wrong

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?

No? What are you waiting for? Labor Day is upon us.

September sneaks up on us every year to interrupt the languid days of …

Soccer Can Bring America Together

The L.A. Galaxy’s Signing of English and Mexican Superstars Integrates Disparate Fans

Gio scored in his opening match, and the sold-out crowd went wild. The L.A. Galaxy’s new Mexican superstar, Giovani Dos Santos, had scored earlier with fans, too, for his …

Don’t Blame Germany for Greece’s Debt Crisis

No Country Has Done More to Democratize and Raise Europe's Living Standards

Germany knows a thing or two about being punished for bad deeds, but in recent weeks the country has been the poster child for the old adage that no good …