We’re Going To Fall Off A Cliff!!!!

So Why Aren’t People Outside of D.C. Terribly Worried?

Have you stocked up on extra food and water?  Have a flashlight and plenty of spare batteries? The Fiscal Cliff is nigh, and much of Washington is fearfully counting down the days.

With all the hype, and the Wile E. Coyote-evoking image of the cliff, it’s hard to remember that the potential year-end hit to the economy is not an act of nature or something forced on the United States by cruel outsiders. The Fiscal Cliff is instead a crisis manufactured by a divided Congress that doesn’t trust itself to do the right …

Well, I Loved the Stimulus

Michael Grunwald Makes the Case For Obama’s Now-Unpopular Recovery Act

“It seems like just about everybody hates the Obama stimulus,” said Time magazine senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald. A year after President Obama signed the $800 billion American Recovery and …