Artist and Educator Suzanne Lacy

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Suzanne Lacy is an artist, educator, writer, and professor at the USC Roski School of Art and Design. Before taking part in the Zócalo, Thomas Mann House, and L.A. Review of Books program “Must Artists Be Activists?”—part of the two-day conference “Arts in Times of Crises”—Lacy joined us in the green room to talk about critique, crying, and craft.

For College Prep Charter Schools Serving Underprivileged Communities, High School Graduation Is Just the Beginning

With a Majority of Students From South L.A., USC Hybrid High School Rejected Teaching to the Test to Focus on Getting 90 Percent of Graduates Through College

In 2012, USC’s Rossier School of Education, where I am the dean, began working in South L.A. to improve high school education. Our goals were to help disadvantaged students find …

Why Can’t We All Fight On Like Old USC?

California's Public Universities Could Learn Some Things From the Rise of the Trojans

The University of Southern California football team is likely to lose to archrival UCLA this Thanksgiving weekend. But away from the gridiron, USC is on a decades-long winning streak that …

You Hear About Sarkisian?

Hiring an Armenian Football Coach Is the Most Brilliant Move USC Has Ever Made

“Sarkisian” is one of the most common Armenian last names. But when my cousin Greg called this week and opened with “You hear about Sarkisian?” I knew he wasn’t talking …

The Diminished USC-UCLA Rivalry

In a Global City, a Local Football Fight, Too Often Lopsided, No Longer Packs the Same Punch

I confess: I’m a diehard USC football fan. I braved 29-degree temperatures in Boulder last Saturday night to witness my Trojans conquer Colorado. This week we—I’m class of 1995 and …

USC Sociologist Manuel Pastor

A Hater of the 405—and an Infrequent Lover of French Fries

Sociologist Manuel Pastor is the director of the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity and co-director of the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at USC. Before participating in …