If You Don’t Give Your Kids Shots, At Least Give Me Your Address

California Might Not Stop Parents from Opting Out of Vaccinations, But Everyone Should Know Who They Are

Shouldn’t we know where they live?

California’s measles outbreak has touched off a debate about how to reduce the number of parents who choose—in defiance of all credible public health information—not to vaccinate their children. So far, the debate has focused on tightening California laws that make it easy for parents to obtain exemptions from school vaccination requirements. Newly introduced state legislation would eliminate the “Personal Belief Exemption” that thousands of anti-vaccine parents have used.

I’d be more than happy to see this proposal become law. But the politics of reducing …

You Have the Right To Be Sick—But Not On My Patients

California’s Tolerance of Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers Is Endangering the Rest of Us

Last week in my clinic, I saw a patient with AIDS. As part of this visit, my patient was examined by a medical assistant who had a cough and sniffles. …