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I Left Venezuela's Political Chaos and I Have Been Searching for an Escape Route Ever Since

Growing up in my hometown of Caracas, I wanted nothing more than to be seen as a sifrina. To be, in Venezuelan slang, counted among the rich kids—a spoiled, fashionable city girl with money to waste and expensive American tastes.

But commuting for hours from my single mother’s modest apartment on the outskirts of the city to the upscale neighborhood of my private school, I often felt inadequate.

We came from a decidedly middle-class family. We had access to food, health care, and subsidized housing. We enjoyed road trips to …

Why the Americas Are Letting Venezuela Self-Destruct

At the Turn of the 21st Century, Latin American Nations Made Commitments to Defend Democracy. Those Days Are Gone.

Elected leaders across the hemisphere gathered to condemn and possibly sanction a neighboring president who closed down independent media and harassed political opponents.

Venezuela? If only. That was Peru in 2000.

The …

A Flight from Caracas to Exile

We Made It to Montreal, But Can We Leave Venezuela’s Turmoil Behind?

At the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Caracas on March 19, my wife, 8-month-old daughter, and I stopped to take photos of our feet. We were standing over a colorful, …

My Panic Room in Caracas

How Our Family Stays Sane While Tear Gas, Bullets, and Mayhem Rage Outside the Front Door

What’s the best way to protect a 7-month-old girl from the effects of tear gas? Is it dangerous for her to breathe the smoke from a pile of burning garbage …