Why Jaguars and Jews Have Breast Cancer

If Human Doctors Would Take Off Their Blinkers and Learn Animal Medicine, We Might Be as Healthy as Horses

“What do you call a veterinarian who can only take care of one species?”

An M.D.

It’s a longstanding joke that veterinarians make about doctors, said UCLA cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, at an event co-presented by UCLA at the Petersen Automotive Museum. And it’s a joke with bite. It shouldn’t be news that humans are animals too, but sometimes it seems that way to doctors who treat humans.

Natterson-Horowitz–by collaborating with veterinarians, evolutionary biologists, and even wildlife conservationists–is challenging the divide that has long separated human medicine from animal medicine. She and UCLA writing …

What’s Up, (Animal) Doc?

Veterinarians Say Physicians Could Learn Much From the Treatment of Beasts


Rabbits can contract syphilis. Golden retrievers get breast cancer. Siamese cats and Doberman pinschers often have OCD–and are prescribed Prozac to ease their symptoms. Canaries, fish, and Yorkies react to …