Did Civil Rights Not Happen?

The Black-White Wealth Gap Today Is Bigger Than It Was 30 Years Ago. But It's Not All About Race.

A black man—Barack Obama—sits in the Oval Office. A black woman—Oprah Winfrey—joins Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on the Forbes magazine list of richest individuals in the world. A black couple—Jay-Z and Beyonce—own a basketball team and buy an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll for their one-year-old daughter. With such examples of impressive success and vulgar excess it’s easy to think that America’s long history of racial inequality has come to an end.

But then along comes a Brandeis University study showing that even as racial inequalities in terms of education and …

How Occupy Lost Its Way In L.A.

I Was One of the Hopefuls At City Hall Park-But the Movement Degenerated Into a Moment

A year ago today, a thousand protesters made their way to the financial district of Manhattan and launched a movement that came to be known as Occupy Wall Street. Similar …