To Be Blunt, California’s Marijuana Industry Is Stoking High Anxiety

Once Weed Becomes Legal, Paradoxically, We'll Need to Step up Policing Our Cash Crop

California’s 2018 transition to legal marijuana contains a mind-bending paradox: Ending prohibitions on marijuana is going to require an awful lot of aggressive law enforcement.

When January 1 rolls around, California will not merely be permitting adults 21 and older to buy marijuana for recreational purposes. The state and its cities also will be scrambling to create a new and wickedly complicated regime to regulate and tax cannabis.

Coming high times will have high stakes: The legalization of cannabis in America’s largest state, if carried off well, represents an opportunity to …

Why California Will Need Its Own Weed Cartel

The Legalization of Recreational Pot Is Doomed Without a Corporate Middleman

If California is going to transition successfully to full legalization of cannabis, our state is going to need its own cartel.

For the record (and to reassure my friends in federal …

California Stoners Are Stressing Me Out

In Transition From Prohibition to Legalization, Are We Putting Too Many Expectations on Weed?

California tokers, why are you trippin’ so hard?

You keep saying that marijuana is supposed to help manage anxiety. But those of you who work in or partake of the …