Don’t Just Laugh at My Meme

From Protesting Subway Fare Hikes to Calling Out Public Officials, Mexicans Are Using Memes Against Impunity

You can learn a lot about a culture though its social media memes. In Mexico City they have become a vehicle through which Mexico’s new middle class is asserting itself against the longstanding impunity of the country’s ruling elite. These viral memes, interestingly, are both the source of great pessimism and optimism for people, depending on how you see them.

Fear the cops

A good place to start is the evolving relationship between Mexican citizens and the police. In this meme from 2007, which you can find at, handily, Know Your Meme: Juan …

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Female Scientists Need More Support To Make It To Stockholm

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Will We Fracture the Internet?

Unless We Curb Our Addiction to Surveillance and Secret Hacking, We Might Not Have a Choice

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff’s recent indictment of the United States’ cyber-spying practices has profound global repercussions for the U.S. vision of a borderless, open Internet.

What makes this backlash especially potent …