Novelist Neal Stephenson

Wanna Be a Writer? Write 10,000 Pages, Then Throw Them Away

Neal Stephenson is the author of the three-volume historical epic “The Baroque Cycle” and the novels Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac. Before discussing the relationship between science fiction and science, he offered some advice for aspiring writers and explained that even when it looks like he’s procrastinating he’s probably working in the Zócalo green room.

Your Family Tragedy Won’t Get You Into College

I've Spent 13 Years Helping Kids Write Admissions Essays. Here's Where They Go Wrong.

November is National College Application Month (yes, there is such a thing), and for millions of students–and their parents–urgent deadlines loom. Applications for University of California and California State University …

Is My Disability the Most Interesting Thing About Me?

How I Learned to Write About Cerebral Palsy without Preaching, Selling Out, or Being Forced to Become a Beacon of Inspiration

I’m awful at the art of the retort. My older brother tried his best to teach me about comebacks, but the lessons never stuck. Insults leave me stunned and silent. …

Writer Susan Orlean

A Fan of Foxes, Vintage Shades, and Bad Pop Music

Susan Orlean is a New Yorker staff writer and the author most recently of Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend. Her book The Orchid Thief was made into …

‘The Glutster,’ Javier Cabral

This Food Writer Will Eat Vegenaise By the Tub. Stinky Tofu? Not So Much.

“The Glutster,” Javier Cabral, writes about food, drinks, punk rock, and culture, and blogs at He’s also a restaurant scout for Los Angeles Times critic Jonathan Gold and producer of …

Journalist Steven Solomon

The Reluctant Cynic

Journalist Steven Solomon is the author of the books Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, and The Confidence Game. Before participating in a panel on the price …