University of Manchester Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley

I Still Have a Little Sarcophagus That I Made, with a Mummy Inside

Joyce Tyldesley is a University of Manchester Egyptologist and author of Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt. Before taking part in a Zócalo/Getty panel discussion titled “Did Women Ever Rule the World?” she spoke in the green room about running half-marathons, visiting the Neanderthals, and why northwest England has so many Egyptian artifacts.

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UCLA Archaeologist Kara Cooney

I Did Some Pretty Weird Modeling Gigs

Kara Cooney is a UCLA archaeologist and the author of The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt. Before taking part in a Zócalo/Getty panel …

Host of KCRW’s “Press Play” Madeleine Brand

I’m Kind of Obsessed with Painting

Madeleine Brand is a broadcast journalist and the host of KCRW’s “Press Play.” Before moderating a Zócalo/Daniel K. Inouye Institute event titled “How Can Americans Defend the 14th Amendment When …

Constitutional Law Scholar and Journalist Garrett Epps

Growing Up, I’d Listen to Country Music Under the Covers

Garrett Epps is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Baltimore School of Law and serves as The Atlantic’s Supreme Court correspondent. Before taking part in a Zócalo/Daniel …

UCLA Professor of Medicine David Hayes-Bautista

I Made My Own Wetsuit When I Was in High School

David E. Hayes-Bautista is Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. …