Zócalo Public Square connects people to ideas and to each other by examining essential questions in an accessible, broad-minded, and democratic spirit. At a time when our country’s public sphere and our global digital conversation have become ever more polarized and segregated, Zócalo seeks to create a welcoming intellectual space and engage a new and diverse generation in the public square. We pursue our mission by convening events and by publishing ideas journalism. Because democracy is as much a culture as it is a system, we believe that creating meaningful opportunities for citizens to communicate with—and learn from—one another both nurtures and protects it.


Founded in Los Angeles in 2003, Zócalo Public Square is a unit of ASU Media Enterprise. We syndicate our journalism to 290 media outlets worldwide and have hosted more than 600 events in 33 cities in the U.S and beyond, including New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Shanghai, Guadalajara, London, and Berlin. We are a nonprofit organization that frequently partners with educational, cultural, and philanthropic institutions, as well as public agencies.