• In Pasadena

    by Andy Eaton

    Midnight once he stood me
      by the door of our refrigerator
       open, like a wedge of cheese in darkness,

    a milk glass in my hand,
      he yelled, he …

  • Sneaking Your Dead Body into Mexico

    by Nayelly Barrios


                 Mexico lindo y querido, muero lejos de ti, que digan que estoy

                 dormido, y que me traigan aqui.

                         —song by Jorge Negrete


    Let the sky flip and shake …

  • Notes from El Valle Megamart

    by Cesar L. De Leon


    Sister Juanita buys cherry flavored
    Lip gloss for the girls
    Apple bubble gum for the boys
    The lord’s prayer
    Smells like a fruit stand
    Under the summer sun
    Across …

  • Arrival

    by Edward Vidaurre


          By throat is how we arrived

          A cradle in voice

          A passion & command

          By hands is how we arrived

          A touch

          Skin rising, cringing,

          Churning of a …

  • Flashes

    by jo reyes-boitel


           Very soon, and in pleasant company.
                    —Chinese fortune

        In a race for a tree, one Mexican soccer player almost beat the rain,
    only to be met at the …

  • The Palm Tree Piñata

    by Jose Hernandez Diaz


    I’m smacking around a piñata shaped like a palm tree. It is southern California, mid-summer. The palm tree piñata is swinging back-and-forth beneath the bright summer sun. It is my …

  • Danger Music

    by Aldo Amparán


      a woman


    on the radio
      a cry
      no one


    will hear
      can you hear
      the crackle


    of flames
      making bright her
      husband’s torso



  • Selections from While Percival Was Falling

    by Tania Langlais, translated by Jessica Cuello

    Selections from While Percival Was Falling

    Reading by translator Jessica Cuello. (Scroll down to view and listen to the original poem.)


    Percival’s song
    is an unruly beast
    a howling story
    I …


    by Tomasz Różycki, translated by Mira Rosenthal

    Reading by translator Mira Rosenthal


    This world, along with several other worlds,
    can fit into the outside pocket of my backpack
    or in a bag from Switzerland procured
    in a shop …

  • Self-Portrait Lined by Tomas Tranströmer

    by Simone Muench and Jackie K. White

    I stood in a room that contained every moment

                it contained Tranströmer, insects, and charcoal


  • PISI

    by Aldric Ulep



    1. n. part, fragment, piece: I watch her slice the peeled calabash gourd into tiny windshields. 2. v. agpisi: to cut up, divide: Bonnet-mouth fish fermenting in a …

  • Sierra

    by Byron Aspaas


    A writer forgets how to write
    when a writer forgets how to see
    oneself through words written,
    the voice of a poem drives
    all night to watch summer
    fall into …