• In Morning

    by Naomi Shihab Nye


    The Palestinian child
    does not think about being Palestinian,
    but only of how his kitten
    slept last night
    and why is it not
    in its basket.
    Before he walks to …

  • Flood Potential

    by Jennifer Kronovet


    That’s far enough, I yell across the dry
    riverbed where twigs shoot up between rocks
    with leaves like mistaken tenses: was, were,
    watch. That’s far enough—wrenching
    the children from their …

  • to us in early winter

    by Dong Li

    when it is time
    the sun sets pink on the birch
    and it will be winter
    we are no stranger than we were
    gingered joy will have melted after
    icicles …

  • The High-Flying Birds

    By YE Hui, translated by Dong LI

    Music does not matter


    Not much poetry to read


    The fresh air by the lake

    Only helpful to the lungs


    Throughout the year, I rarely dream

    But meditate a few times


    My life depends on others


    Some …

  • Can you tell me:

    by Erica Hunt

    If words attire thought

    what is thinking

    when carnage is daily weather—met with an itch

    to switch the channel—a call to the misnamed

    Department of Public Safety to confront gun awe—

    no words–but flesh is …

  • Self-Portrait as MRI

    by Annie Wenstrup


    For Immediate Release:

    On July 1st, 2022, neurologist Jane Smith discovered the original
    Ingalls Cabin. While conducting a routine MRI (patient: 36, F,
    Dena’ina and white, familial history of aneurysms) Smith …

  • Ma hope o Nau ā Wali na Kunane Wooton

    by Brandy Nālani McDougall

    this weight
    of history    we nau

    uwē this   history
    uwē this     white stone
    uwē this       story

    uwē us    kaumaha we
    kali us    ahonui we

    kaumaha    …

  • When I Hum Improvised Songs

    by Millicent Borges Accardi

    After “One Last Love Poem” by Juan J. Morales


    Aside from the time they might’ve
    Been casting curses for others,
    Helping priests for the Inquisition
    Banishment and cleansings
    Bruxaria, …

  • Grandmother

    by Mary Leauna Christensen

    Grandmother/ i want to cause discomfort/ squeeze these angled bones/ between warmth & the side of Your armchair/ tell me i am pinching Your leg/ allow me to stay/ …


    by Damian Smyth


    1. Christmas Lights

    What made it December, in the fields, was that everything
    Was silent, except for the ice creaking in every blade of grass,
    As if each one …

  • Aviary

    by Anna Loughran


    Milling about before the clinic
    opened for a routine blood test,
    I walked through a flurry of parakeets,
    ducking as they swooped to feed
    on blueberries & sunflower seeds,
    & …