Wake Forest Political Scientist Katy Harriger

The Hardest Job I Ever Had Was Cleaning Hotel Rooms When I Was in College

Katy Harriger is a professor in the department of politics and international affairs at Wake Forest University and the author of The Special Prosecutor in American Politics. Her research interests include the tensions between executive power and the rule of law as well as young people’s civic engagement. Prior to taking part in a Zócalo Public Square/UCLA Downtown panel titled “Are American Presidents Above the Law?” at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in downtown Los Angeles, she spoke in the green room about her favorite presidents, the …

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Director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Lisa Sasaki | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Lisa Sasaki

It’s Not Every Day That You Can Go Into Work With People Who Work in Air and Space, and Natural History, and American Art

Lisa Sasaki is the director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. Previously she was the director of the Audience and Civic Engagement Center at the Oakland Museum of California …

George Washington University Assistant Professor Nicole Ivy

She and I Used to Sing Ethel Merman Before Class

Nicole Ivy is an assistant professor of American studies at The George Washington University and a professional futurist. She also formerly served as the director of inclusion for the American …

Tourism Marketing Expert Frank Haas

The Musicians From the Chamber Orchestra Played in Our House

Frank Haas is president of Marketing Management, a consultancy focused on travel and tourism clients and projects in Hawai‘i and internationally. He previously served as vice president and director of …