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  • Essay

    How Does a Therapist Stay Neutral?

    Counseling Couples or Families Is About Empathy, Not Objectivity

    by Craig Libman |

    Can we, and should we, ever really be neutral? In a new series, Zócalo explores the idea of neutrality—in politics, sports, gender, journalism, international …

  • The Takeaway

    Héctor Tobar Peers Deep Into ‘Our Migrant Souls’

    The 2024 Book Prize Event, “What Is a ‘Latino’?” Explored the Work and Struggle of Building Community in L.A. and America

    by Sarah Rothbard |

    The city of Los Angeles, the world’s most famous zócalo, and the word “Latino” are connected by a shared history—a history of people and cultures and languages colliding, explained journalist …

  • Poetry

    by Demetrius Buckley


    It’s all uncles and cousins, proud black men
    of urban banter in a small backyard,
    car parts in a strange box that stains. I watched
    those rough hands rummage
    through …

  • Essay

    Who Is the Real Monster in Frankenstein?

    Mary Shelley’s Novel and Its Many Adaptations Challenge Us to Explore Bias and Belonging

    by Daniel A. Olivas |

    In 2022, I found myself reaching back to my childhood’s favorite monster for literary inspiration.

    That year’s midterm elections had brought with them another round of angry MAGA candidates promoting the …

  • Connecting California

    Don’t Draw Conclusions From the Flags Mrs. Alito and I Choose to Fly

    This Columnist Believes in the Right to Freely Choose What Flies in Front of One’s Home

    by Joe Mathews |

    Early last year my city councilmember, who likes to walk his dog through our neighborhood, stopped me as he strolled by.

    “Are you Mexican?” he asked.

    “Nope, I’m Scots Irish,” I replied. …

  • Where I Go

    Where I Go: Reading Among Readers

    In India, Weekly Reading Clubs Offer a Sense of Community and Belonging

    by Ankush Pal |

    I entered the Lodhi Gardens through Gate 1, as I’d been instructed, and approached the monument. A city park spread over 90 acres in New Delhi, the gardens contain the …

  • Poetry

    by Dorothy Barresi

    “Exide Battery-Recycling Plant Contaminates 10,000 Homes in Poorest Los Angeles
    Neighborhoods, Nets No Jail Time”
                    L.A. Times

    If you are lucky in this life, only …

  • The Takeaway

    The State of Golden State Innovation

    At “What Makes a Great California Idea?,” Panelists Discussed the Big Ideas—Good and Bad—That Originated Here

    by Jackie Mansky |

    At the opening night of the inaugural CalMatters Ideas Festival, a two-day event in Sacramento dedicated to discussing solutions to the Golden State’s greatest challenges, Zócalo convened a panel around …