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  • Essay

    Can California Bring Everyone up to Internet Speed?

    Broadband Is a Must for 21st-Century Life, and the Golden State Is Uniquely Poised to Tackle Its Digital Divide

    by Christopher Ali |

    Imagine you’re a senior citizen in the midst of the pandemic. You don’t know how to book a vaccine online, so you’ve been on hold for hours. Or imagine you’re …

  • Readings

    Zócalo’s 2023 Summer Reading List Delivers Much-Needed R&R

    Your Season of Rest and Reads Is Here, Courtesy of Our Friends and Contributors

    This summer, we could all use a little R&R—rest and reads, that is. And while Zócalo can’t help you with the first part (though if we could send a beach …

  • Poetry

    by Sacharja


    “If lovelessness is godlessness, will you cast me to the wayside?”—Moses Sumney, “Doomed”


    I don’t know
    if lovelessness is godlessness
    I feel like lovelessness…for me…
    is too much …

  • Essay

    There Is No ‘I’ in the Climate Crisis

    Connection and Interdependence Can’t Capture Carbon But Can Get to the Root of the Problem

    by Sarah Jaquette Ray |

    The environmentalist Paul Hawken says, “The most complex, radical climate technology is the human heart and mind, not a solar panel.” What would it mean to imagine the heart and …

  • Essay

    How Would Emperor Tiberius Have Handled Silicon Valley Bank?

    A First-Century Roman Bailout Holds Lessons for Today's Financial Institutions, and Their Regulators

    by Edward Watts |

    The recent failures, and subsequent government rescues, of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic, prompt us to consider an ancient question: How do banks prevent the actions of very rich …

  • Connecting California

    The Fight to Save Stockton

    In the Once-Bankrupt City, a Stanford Scholar Finds That People Are Poor Because Their Governments Are Poor

    by Joe Mathews |

    If California wants to curb poverty, its local governments must become richer.

    That may be the most important lesson of the recent history of Stockton, as recounted by Stanford Law School …

  • Culture Class

    Welcome Back, Mermaidcore

    For a Century, a Collective Love of Tails and Fins Has Helped Women Transgress on Land and Sea

    by Jackie Mansky |

    Shell-adorned bikini tops. Fishtail skirts. Starfish accessories. Seafoam green eyeshadow. Expect to see all of this and more riding the waves of Disney’s latest live-action blockbuster, The Little Mermaid.

    In other …