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  • Essay

    After 150 Years, Is L.A. Ready to Remember the Chinese Massacre?

    Long Buried, the Bloodiest Night in the City’s History Surfaces Amid a New Wave of Violence

    by Michael Woo |

    It’s hard to tell a city’s story. In many cities, there’s a tension between pointing with pride and bowing in shame.

    Los Angeles—where I have lived and worked for most of …

  • The Takeaway

    Hello Blockchain, Bye-Bye Resumes

    Could Digital Learning and Employment Records (LERs) Create a Fairer Hiring Process?

    by Jackie Mansky |

    The resume has been around for hundreds of years, and is one of the most vital parts of the hiring process for workers, employers, and educators. But what resumes leave …

  • Poetry

    by Martha Silano

    but so what. In the sultry nights of August, I’ll unravel –
    wanna join me? We can pant ourselves pantless,

    share a double brushfire on the raucous. Together
    we can …

  • Essay

    Lebanon’s Other Explosion

    When Disasters Become the Norm, People Stop Paying Attention—But I'm Still Telling This Country's Stories

    by Abby Sewell |

    It was the explosion that drove home to me how irrevocably Lebanon was broken.

    Not the horrific August 4, 2020 Beirut port explosion, when a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate exploded, …

  • Sketchbook

    Diana Steinsnyder is a textile designer and creative director based in Southern California. She has designed for a variety of fashion and beauty brands, and you can find her patterns on …

  • Connecting California

    Let’s Pay Californians to Move

    Relocation Subsidies Could Solve Housing Gridlock and Make This State a Better Place to Live

    by Joe Mathews |

    Are you a Californian who wants to make your state a better place?

    Then move.

    Any place within California will do, though it would be great if you could relocate to a …

  • Essay

    Where I Go: Lithuania’s Vanished Center of Jewish Life

    In Vilna, Where Thousands Were Murdered, I Learned How Difficult It Is to Mourn an Absence

    By David Nasaw |

    I did it all backward. Instead of taking my research trips before writing my book, like any normal historian would have, I’d waited. Only after I had completed my first …

  • Poetry

    by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

    This rock house loft can’t sustain the sway
    from mile-deep brine water pumping back, it crumbles

    like my hand crushed last winter,
    car door slammed,
    digits malformed into turnkeys
    that don’t …

  • Essay

    Bringing Down the Bra

    Since the 19th Century, Women Have Abandoned Restrictive Undergarments While Pursuing Social and Political Freedom

    by Einav Rabinovitch-Fox |

    In a recent Instagram conversation with fans, actress Gillian Anderson articulated what many women are thinking these days: “I’m not wearing a bra anymore … it’s just too f**king uncomfortable.”

    The …

  • Essay

    The Female Cooks Who Shaped French Cuisine

    A New Generation of Chefs Is Melding the Domestic and Professional—And Moving Toward Equality in the Restaurant Kitchen

    by Rachel E. Black |

    As I perch on a stool in her kitchen in Lyon, I think about what makes Sonia Ezgulian’s cooking so compelling. Ezgulian, who is also a journalist, is well known …