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  • Essay

    What the GOP Gets Wrong About the Puritans

    Reagan and Pence Invoked Them as Inspiration, But a True Reckoning With Their History Provides a Different Vision of the Nation’s Future

    by Peter C. Mancall |

    During the first Republican presidential primary debate, on August 23, former Vice President Mike Pence spoke of founders of the nation conquering the American “wilderness.” It was one …

  • Connecting California

    I Hereby Censure the Censure

    When California Politicians Pass Resolutions Denouncing One Another, They Make a Mockery of Democracy

    by Joe Mathews |

    It’s time that we Californians censure the whole idea of censure.

    Because it’s consuming the precious time and money of our local governments.

    Censure is the name often given to resolutions or …

  • Essay

    What Asteroids Can Teach Us About Climate Change

    Scientists Are Aware of the Perils of Near-Earth Objects and Rising Temperatures. Humanity Can’t Come Together to Deal With Them

    by Andy Bruno |

    On June 30, 1908, a sudden blast knocked down over 2,000 square kilometers of forest in a sparsely inhabited part of Siberia. Witnesses saw a fireball from hundreds of miles …

  • Where I Go

    Where I (Don’t) Go: Three Years in Northern Colorado

    I Haven't Left Larimer County Since Early 2020. It’s Taught Me How to Hear, Smell, and Feel at Home

    by Lucien Darjeun Meadows |

    In late September in northern Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains in the traditional and ancestral lands of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Ute Nations and peoples, the waist-high …

  • Sketchbook

    ShinYeon Moon is an artist and illustrator based in New York. Moon teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts, where she received her MFA.

    For …

  • Essay

    Finding a Good Society in the Mud of Burning Man

    Humans Are Human—And Governments Need to Help Them Achieve Self-Reliance and Avoid Panic in the Face of Disaster

    by Micah Weinberg |

    Since leaving Burning Man, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the role that principles play in a society, and what to do when people don’t live up to …

  • Democracy Local

    My Ride in a German Time Machine

    Virtual Reality Took Me to 1926 Cologne. I Found What a City Had Lost—And What Our Democratic Future Needs

    by Joe Mathews |

    I was more than a little startled when Konrad Adenauer approached me in the Old Market.

    Sure, I was visiting Cologne, Germany, Adenauer’s hometown. But I had never imagined I’d lay …

  • Essay

    A Mid-Century Playbook for Saving Progressive American Education

    Fifty Years Ago, Parents United to Get the Far-Right John Birch Society Out of Their Schools

    by Matthew Dallek |

    This May, an email landed in my inbox. The correspondent, who’d come across my new book on the John Birch Society, wanted to share how members of this far-right anticommunist …

  • Essay

    Following in My Cherokee Great-Grandfather’s Footsteps

    I Work With Tribes Across the Country to Honor Our Ancestors—And Ensure Our Survival

    by Sheila Bird |

    I started working in repatriation efforts before I even knew what the term meant.

    But repatriation—bringing our ancestors home—is in my blood. I grew up in a Cherokee community in Chewey, …