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  • Essay

    How the Pandemic Changed My Time in Prison

    An Inmate Reflects on Nearly Three Years of Shifting Health Protocols and Halted Rehabilitation Efforts

    by David Medina |

    Intense debates about the role of government interventions in public health became the norm during the pandemic. When do the benefits of prevention and containment policies aimed at stopping COVID’s …

  • Sketchbook

    Artist and illustrator Giulia Donati works under the moniker Pennepasta. Born in Italy and now based in London, she creates her pieces with calligraphy brush and India ink. For her …

  • Essay

    How Germany Developed a ‘Policy on the Past’

    A Constellation of Days Has Emerged to Remember the Holocaust and Its Victims

    by Theo Schiller |

    Germany does not have a traditional, centuries-old national holiday, such as July 14 in France or July 4 in the United States.

    But Germany is carefully attuned to dates, and how …

  • Essay

    We Can Tell New Thanksgiving Stories

    For Centuries, Indigenous Thinkers Like William Apess Have Urged Americans to Reimagine the National Narrative

    by Peter C. Mancall |

    In November 1620 the Mayflower deposited about 100 Pilgrims at the Wampanoag community of Patuxet, which the newcomers renamed New Plymouth. A year later, the English and Wampanoags enjoyed a …

  • Poetry

    by Jennifer Bartlett

    Part One


    I am your moon.
    You are my light.


    Little moon girl, sitting in the pool
    O ball, in and out of the water

    O kindness, o gentleness
    crow, no raven, sitting …

  • Connecting California

    It Takes a Village to Tackle the Teen Mental Health Crisis

    In Gonzales, California, Young People Are Turning to One Another—With the Support of Their Community—to Address a National Problem

    by Joe Mathews |

    How will California ever solve the mental health crisis among its young people?

    Perhaps by empowering young people to do the job themselves.

    That, at least, is what happening in the state’s …

  • Essay

    How Valley Fever Brings People Together

    Scientific Research Is Famously Siloed, But a Collaborative Community Has Emerged Around This California Disease

    by Anh Diep |

    For the last five years, I’ve researched Valley fever at a multidisciplinary lab at the University of California, Merced. This experience has convinced me that for my work to pay …

  • Poetry

    by Tonya Suther


    “What are you reading?” she asked,

    from behind an orange mask.

    In the past, I would have smiled,

    responded cordially about this book,

    only this pandemic has changed me.

    My intolerance has grown, like

    an overdue …

  • Culture Class

    Friendsgiving Puts Friendship Back Where It Belongs

    For Centuries, Civilizations Revolved Around Relationships That Our Modern World Too Often Neglects

    by Jackie Mansky |

    Across the United States, group chats are blowing up. Who’s bringing dessert? A side dish? A casserole? The wine? More wine?

    The discourse isn’t necessarily anchored to the fourth Thursday in …