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  • The Takeaway

    Meet the ‘Mediators’ Who Connect Scientists and the Public

    Fossil Preparators Are a Panacea to a Closed-Off Field—And Their Work Offers a New Model for Research

    by Talib Jabbar |

    How do colossal Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops fossils get from the ground to the natural history museum? And could that process—which involves not just paleontologists but a largely uncredited group …

  • Poetry

    by Moyra Donaldson

    My memory’s erratic and tonight
    I can’t locate your name – four syllables
    just out of sight, hiding amongst the reeds

    Bird out of place, you were a wonder.
    I watched …

  • Essay

    What Can We Learn From the Failings of William Mulholland?

    The 'Father of Los Angeles' Was a Link in a Chain of Theft and Loss—And Its Consequences Ripple Into the Present


    For much of my life I have been in conversation with a man who died 86 years ago.  He was born in Dublin in 1855 and grew up poor, with …

  • Essay

    Where Does Climate Change Data Come From?

    A Web of Satellites Provides Massive Amounts of Information—And Proof That Global Collaboration Is Possible

    by James Gallimore |

    It’s starting to feel as though scientists and governments announce new policies and predictions for our warming planet every week. But where do the data undergirding the alarming headlines and …

  • Essay

    Can We Still Bump n’ Grind to R. Kelly?

    To Grapple with the Immorality of Artists We May Have to Go Through Their Art

    by Erich Hatala Matthes |

    Whatever else “cancel culture” might be about, when it comes to the arts, it’s about this—if you want to do right as a consumer of art, the work of some …

  • Poetry

    by Angela Narciso Torres

    this urge to drive somewhere—what is it?

    from a fast window, even brown grass

    looks exciting. rolling into town, the smell

    of burnt apples. grandpas, babies, tattooed

    teens squint in harsh sunlight as if …

  • Essay

    What Crime Does the Thanksgiving Turkey Answer For?

    A Philosopher Reflects on How Pardoning the Birds Only Compounds the Holiday's Hypocrisy and Brutality

    by Erin McKenna |

    “Merciful President Pardons Turkey” declared headlines when John F. Kennedy saved the turkey gifted to the White House from being on the dinner table in 1963. But the tradition of …

  • Connecting California

    Thanks for Being Obsessed with Us, America

    This Holiday Season, Be Grateful to Your Out-of-State Friends and Relatives Who Have California on the Brain

    by JOE MATHEWS |

    Thank you, America, for always keeping California in your thoughts.

    Now it’s that time of the year when we should give thanks for the only California real estate that’s still cheap—all …

  • Sketchbook

    Vivienne Strauss has been a full-time artist since 2008. While she is not formally trained as an artist, she has a background in philosophy and is an avid reader, cinephile, …

  • Poetry


    for Padraig Regan

    by Paul Maddern

    Here is the inventory of stone I
    could not bring myself to make
    and instead I have simply
    photographed where stones have
    been left on turned …