New at Zócalo

  • The Takeaway

    Not Your Average L.A. Mayor Voter Guide

    From South L.A. to the Valley, Angelenos Will Have to Vote Their Values

    by Talib Jabbar |

    As the primary election for Los Angeles’ next mayor nears and narrows, Zócalo, together with Creating Our Next L.A., convened a panel to answer the question on every Angeleno’s mind: …

  • Culture Class

    The Buffet Is Dead. Long Live the Buffet!

    The Swedes Have the Smorgasbord; Americans, Vegas and Sizzler. Can All-You-Can-Eat Return Responsibly?

    by Jackie Mansky |

    Growing up, few things loomed quite as large as a trip to the buffet. I say the buffet because the chafing dishes all blur together—part and parcel of one great, …

  • Poetry

    by Raquel Salas Rivera

    En el centro del ring gira un círculo más pequeño,
    las llantas de un carro que corre solo.
    Metemos el mundo en las peleas más sencillas,
    invocadas sin matices.

    Es increíble …

  • Glimpses

    Nobuko Miyamoto and the 120,000 Stories of Japanese America

    Melding Art, Culture, and Politics, the Feminist Troubadour Helps a New Generation Reimagine Itself

    by Ana Iwataki |

    Since the 1970s, Japanese Americans have observed the Day of Remembrance on February 19, the anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 9066 that authorized the forced removal …

  • Sketchbook

    Mi Young is a Chinese Canadian illustrator currently based in New York City. Young, who often draws from her own experiences as a global citizen, loves to explore characters and their interactions …

  • Connecting California

    Murder on the High-Speed Rail

    All of the California Leaders Who Claim to Be Saving the Bullet Train Are Prime Suspects in Its Demise

    by Joe Mathews |

    “Stop where you are,” declared the short, mustachioed, dandily dressed detective, in a European accent, as he entered the Assembly chamber.

    “I am informed there has been a murder, right here …

  • Essay

    Why Won’t Policymakers Talk More About Drugs and Homelessness?

    A Strict ‘Housing First’ Approach Oversimplifies the Complexity of a West Coast Epidemic

    by Jim Hinch |

    Homelessness is one of the most important issues facing Los Angeles.  Register here to join Zócalo and Creating Our LA’s event “What Do We …

  • Poetry

    by Cynthia Manick


    like the air ain’t filled with
    coarse windchimes
    sirens loud as a jet in flight

    the quick jabs
    of a couple arguing about cheese
    and face masks
    and children at borders

  • Essay

    Is the U.S. Winning Russia’s War in Ukraine?

    Putin Is Losing, Ukraine Is Suffering, And It’s America’s Geopolitical Battle to Lose

    by Manlio Graziano |

    The Russian war in Ukraine is a calamity—for the people suffering through it, for Ukraine, for Russia, for Europe (which has lost its strategic compass), for China (which needs stability …

  • Essay

    Miscarriage Wasn’t Always a Tragedy or a Crime

    How Race, Medicine, and the Law Shape Reactions to Pregnancy Loss

    by Shannon Withycombe |

    In the fall of 2012, I woke up early in the morning with cramps. I went to the bathroom and saw blood on my underwear. I was nine weeks pregnant, …