We’ve Been Fighting Fast Fashion Since the Industrial Revolution

From the Triangle Factory Fire to Shein, the Garment Business Can’t Escape Ethical Quandaries

Attention-grabbing headlines constantly alert us to the ills of fast fashion. The multi-billion dollar industry churns out mountains of inexpensive-but-stylish clothing, much of it sewn in sweatshop-like factories in Asia and Latin America and sold by popular brands such as Shein, H&M, and Zara. The industry exploits workers, uses harmful chemicals, and causes environmental damage to the planet. The garments it produces are of poor quality, which means consumers keep coming back for more—and the cycle of harm repeats.

Social and environmental justice advocates taking aim at fast fashion direct their …

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Women Don't Have to Reinvent All That Was Lost. We Only Need to Remember It

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The Library of Alexandria’s Lesson for Streaming | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

Here’s Ancient Solace for ‘Arrested Development’ Fans

As Streamers Drop Content, the Library of Alexandria Offers a Tale of Caution and Hope

You log into a streaming service and the show you want to watch is gone.

Best-case scenario it’s migrated to another major platform, and you already have an account set up …

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An elderly man with white hair and glass and wearing a black jacket places a pink sheet of paper into a white ballot box. His other hand holds two other pieces of paper, one white and and one yellow. A younger man in a gray sweater stands behind him holding his own papers.

A Letter From Taiwan: Where Democracy Has Become a Rollercoaster

A Voting Activist on the Rocky Ride Toward Increased Citizen Participation

What are the obstacles and opportunities facing democracy today? Zócalo is publishing a series of letters to highlight how the world’s democratic ideals are faring in practice. From Taiwan: Negative …