• Poetry

    By Ryan Collins

    The world ends but the territory goes on. The world ends like the horizon, like the
    curvature of the earth whether anyone ...

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The Civil War Art of Using Words to Assuage Fear and Convey Love

Soldiers and Their Families, Sometimes Barely Literate, Turned to Letters to Stay Close

By Christopher Hager

Sarepta Revis was a 17-year-old newlywed when her husband left their North Carolina home to fight in the Confederate States Army. Neither had much schooling, and writing did not come easily to them. Still, they exchanged letters with some regularity, telling each other how they were doing, expressing their love and longing. Once, after Daniel had been away for more than six months, ...

Connecting California

The California Corporate Giant You Never Heard Of

Mysterious McKesson, a Massive Health Care Conglomerate, Keeps a Low Profile in the Heart of San Francisco

By Joe Mathews

California is so big that you don’t need to be a mouse to hide here. You can be a giant elephant, and still escape notice.
    Californians have little sense of some of the largest and richest institutions in our state. For example, here’s a straightforward trivia question that, I’ve found, stumps even Californians who know the state quite well: What is the second-richest company in California after Apple? ...

Connecting California/Joe Mathews

  • My Modest Proposal to Make Property Tax Breaks Live Forever

    Rich Old Homeowners Are California's Future, so Why Shouldn't We Take Our Subsidies to the Grave?

    Barring some wild technological advance, all Californians eventually will die.
        But why can’t our property tax discounts live forever?
        That’s the question raised by your ...

  • Are California's Strongman Governors Bullying the State?

    With a Weakling Legislature and Few Checks on Power, Our Chief Executives Are Big-Footing Politics

    Who is the most powerful governor in California history?
        The next one.
        Over the past four decades, our state’s governorship has grown so great in ...

  • All I Want For Christmas Is More Immigrants

    California Needs Foreign Arrivals to Offset Dire Shortages of Workers and Students

    Dear Kris,
        I hope you don’t mind me writing you at the California beach house address you slipped me when we met at that Mattel corporate event. I would have mailed this to the North Pole, but I don’t have any international stamps. ...

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  • Why is it so hard to commit treason in the United States? The short answer ... amounted to this: America was founded by traitors. “The American Revolution was a massive act of treason against the British government,” ...