Who We Were

The KKK's Failed Comeback

We Shouldn't Forget How the Social Club/Terrorist Organization Regained Popularity, or That Diversity Proved Good for America

Grinspan KKK DC Rally 1925 lead

One hundred years ago, on November 25, 15 men climbed atop Stone Mountain, just outside Atlanta, touched a lit match to a kerosene-soaked cross, and resurrected a terror from America’s past. The Ku Klux Klan, dead for some 40 years, was back. Their mission? To defend white, Protestant, native-born America from “illegal foreigners” and religious minorities. Faced with unprecedented ethnic and cultural change, at least 3 million Americans—South and North—responded by joining …



There's No Word for 'Gluttony' in Chinese

People in China Indulge in Food and Drink as a Symbol of Pride and Relationship Building

Chen Chinese meals lead

I had just consumed a pitcher of beer along with too many Chinese-German sausages at the Tsingtao Beer Museum, when I received the email from an editor asking if I had some thoughts about gluttony in China. I immediately felt guilty. After all, earlier that day, at lunch, I had splurged on an extravagant $35 seafood buffet in the Qingdao Le Meridien that cost about the same as an average …