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Will Squid Soon Rule the Oceans?

After 500 Million Years, Cephalopods Are Thriving Amid Environmental Upheaval

By Danna Staaf

The future is full of tentacles.
    Even now, both giant and colossal squid writhe throughout the deep, while hooked and flying squid migrate from sea to sea in swirling swarms. Otherworldly glass squid and jewel squid proliferate in the open ocean. And market and common squid blanket shorelines with their egg capsules and their own dying bodies.
    Then, of course, there are the octopuses: giant and pygmy, intertidal and abyssal, deadly and benign. All kinds of cuttlefish, too, from the tiny and toxic flamboyant to the edible pharaoh.
    Over the coming years, we’re likely to witness ...

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Depression Isn't Just a Global Epidemic. It's a Silent One.

We Know Very Little About Depression—Except That Talking About It Will Help

By Reed Johnson

Depression is still the illness that dares not speak its name. Taboos persist. Social stigmas endure. Many confounding mysteries remain about exactly what causes depression and how best to treat it—even though it affects tens of millions of people worldwide, and even as the number of suicides globally has soared to 1 million.
    Those painful realities formed the backdrop to a Zócalo/UCLA event titled “How Can We Reverse the Depression Epidemic?” at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in downtown Los Angeles. ...

What It Means to Be American

Connecting California/Joe Mathews

  • With Charles Manson Gone, California Needs a New Villain

    An Archetypal Bad Guy Could Unify the Golden State. Here Are Some Contenders.

    It’s hard to find a villain who can bring Californians together these days.
        That—more than any other factor—is why Charlie Manson’s death produced so many remembrances in California media. ...

  • New Skyscrapers in L.A. and S.F. Tell Tall Tales About California

    The Wilshire Grand and Salesforce Towers Show Corporations Still Sway the Golden State

    This is a tale of two new skyscrapers—and of two cities that have more in common than they care to admit.The Wilshire Grand Center towers 73 stories and 1,100 feet over ...

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  • Why is it so hard to commit treason in the United States? The short answer ... amounted to this: America was founded by traitors. “The American Revolution was a massive act of treason against the British government,” ...