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Why Aren't People Eating in Medieval Depictions of Feasts?

It's an Expression of the Era’s Ambivalence Towards Food

Alexander and the Niece of Artaxerxes III

When most people think of a medieval feast, they envision a room filled with boisterous guests and the lusty consumption of hunks of meat and goblets filled with wine. Feasts certainly performed a key social function in aristocratic households, and in the later Middle Ages and Renaissance, some of these feasts were quite splendid and impressive. Artists delighted in illustrating such scenes, often with a remarkably minute level of detail. …


Connecting California

Why Can't We All Fight On Like Old USC?

California's Public Universities Could Learn Some Things From the Rise of the Trojans

Mathews USC

The University of Southern California football team is likely to lose to archrival UCLA this Thanksgiving weekend. But away from the gridiron, USC is on a decades-long winning streak that has become one of the most important stories in our state. Over the past generation, USC has transformed itself from an easily mocked regional school for rich kids (“University of Spoiled Children”) into a global powerhouse. That growth has coincided with …