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    By James Tully

    Charles Taylor has been widely recognized for his contributions to philosophy, sociology, history, political science, and linguistics. But to Canadians he has given something more: A way to communicate and live together while negotiating our ethical relationships as citizens of …

  • In the Green Room

    Curator Karen Fiss

    I Like Quirky Museums

    Karen Fiss is a writer, curator, and professor of visual studies at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Before participating in the Zócalo/MOCA panel “Is Art Our Last Safe Space?” she talked in the Zócalo green room …

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  • Philosophy has a reputation for being abstract and analytical, somewhat apart from the world. So we asked Charles Taylor if philosophers have an obligation to the world we live in. After this segment he continued talking about ...

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What Atheists and Monks Have in Common

The Secular World Is Just as “Imagined” as Any Religious Faith

By Jeffrey Guhin

It’s hard for me to think of a philosopher more important for my work than Charles Taylor. I’m a sociologist, and while most people don’t think of sociology as an especially philosophical discipline, if you dig a little beneath the surface, philosophy is actually all you’ll find. That’s not just true for sociologists either: It’s true for anyone who makes arguments about people, which is to say, everyone who’s ever been able to talk. ...


How a Trump Economy Could Make Singapore Great Again

Restrictive Policies on Trade and Immigration May Shift Innovation to the East—and It May Never Come Back

By Jerry Nickelsburg

Did the presidential election change the Pacific Rim as we know it?
    During these days of transition speculation, there is plenty of talk about what president-elect Donald Trump’s victory means for health care, for immigrants, for the economy, for minorities, for NATO, and so on. In terms of long-term national interests, it’s important to add the ...

Trade Winds/Andrés Martinez

  • Thank Our Lucky Stars We Live in an Indirect Democracy

    This Year's Angry Populist Politics Are Threatening America's Silent Majority

    Suppose we ask all Americans to vote on whether anyone whose first name starts with the letter “A” should pay an extra tax, giving everyone else a tax break. The appalling measure would probably pass. From the perspective …

  • Why ISIS Declared War on Soccer

    The Sport Keeps Winning Over Hearts and Minds Across the Muslim World, Bridging East and West

    It’s not surprising that the crazed “Soldiers of the Caliphate” terrorists selected the France-Germany soccer match at the Stade de France as the central target in their assault on Paris. For starters, the match was a high-profile attraction bringing together …