Who We Were

Did the Midwest Win the Civil War?

States Like Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin Fed and Armed the Union—and Sent Men to Die for Their Country, Too

Fort Sumter. Bull Run. Antietam. Vicksburg. Gettysburg. Appomattox Courthouse.

These are the places you usually think of when you think about the Civil War. Not Milwaukee, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Des Moines. And yet the newly developed Upper Midwest played a decisive role in the war between the North and South that in the final tally not only preserved the Union, but ended slavery.

Some 750,000 sons, brothers, fathers, and friends marched away from their homes and farms in Illinois, Indiana, …


The Takeaway

When Journalists Became Scandal Mongers and Politicians Became Celebrities

Matt Bai on a Fundamental Shift in the Relationship Between the Political and the Private in America

Discussing how the media covers politics—and political scandals—is “one of the most important conversations we can have” about our democracy, KCRW Left, Right & Center host Matt Miller told a crowd at the Downtown Independent. Miller was moderating an event on this subject with Yahoo News national political columnist Matt Bai, author of All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid.

Bai became interested in the intersection of scandal and political journalism in 2002, when he wrote an article …