The Jewish Heart of L.A. Lives in Koreatown

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s Newly Restored Sanctuary Is Astonishing. So Is the History of the Congregation.

Wilshire Blvd. Temple  / Photography by Tom Bonner.

Angelenos regularly travel thousands of miles abroad to view imposing, inspiring edifices, yet we have such a place right here in our city: Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s newly restored sanctuary. This ornate house of worship, capped by a towering 10-story coffered dome, is fully as gasp-inducing as many European cathedrals. But a very nondescript white wall just outside the sanctuary is equally revealing of the congregation’s soul. This is where the photos of the Temple’s confirmation classes are hung.

The earliest picture is from 1904, when the already 42-year-old congregation (then called …

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