Why Californians Should Believe in Snow Days

I’m sitting here in Maine having a snow day. I can only see about 30 feet in front of my cabin; everything beyond is obscured by white frosty particles, which …


At the Last Bookstore

At the last bookstore, Anne Frank still smiles
on the shelf,
marked down to sell.

No one is buying tonight.


beyond the miles
of cinder block walls
suburban backyards

Half Dome In The Moonlight

A Humbler California Dream

California has long been seen as a beautiful land of opportunity—a place where the sun is always shining and anything is possible. For many generations, people have flocked here to …


The Hidden Life of Japanese-American Teenagers

Fumiko Fukuyama Ide always loved to dance. Being a member of the Tartanettes, a club for Nisei (U.S.-born children of Japanese immigrants) girls in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, kept her …

San Diego City Hall

I Know Who Can Save San Diego

Stay classy? That may be too much to ask of San Diego these days.

“America’s Finest City” is in the middle of another one of its routine, self-destructive crises of local …