Tirth Katrodia

Shapes of Spring

Tirth Katrodia is an Indian illustrator and visual artist based in London. His studio is called Yatra, which means journey in Sanskrit.

For his Zócalo Sketchbook, Katrodia brings us a vibrant burst of springtime energy. This comes in the form of complex grids of form and exuberant colors, which bring his stylized plants and butterflies to life. “Looking at the natural world, I’ve always been fascinated how simplicity forms the complex,” he says of his Sketchbook pieces. “In these illustrations, I’ve aimed to depict nature’s intertwined and interconnected life through a delicate balance of shapes, lines, and colors.”

While Katrodia produced this work digitally, keep an eye out for how he uses visible pen strokes and colors that are slightly off from the outlines to maintain the feeling of a human being making human marks in physical space.


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