• Essay

    How Zombie Films Reveal the True Dangers of COVID-19

    Like the Living Dead, a Virus Can Overwhelm Powerful States, Ruin Economies—and Reveal Our Worst Selves

    by James Der Derian and Phillip Gara

    On any given day at the University of Sydney in Australia, Chinese visitors spill out of tour buses to make their way ...

  • Poetry

    Memorial to a marriage

    after Patricia Cronin

    by Liza Flum

    It must be their feet tangled past the hem of the blanket
    (a big toe pressed to the top of a pale, carved foot) ...

  • Essay

    The Forgotten Children of ISIS Fighters 

    Without Country, Citizenship, Protection, or Even Compassion, Thousands Remain in a Precarious Limbo

    by Mia Bloom

    Accounts of two young girls, both named Amira, have dominated the 2020 news cycle out of Syria ...

  • Essay

    How Epidemics Shaped Modern Life

    Past Public Health Crises Inspired Innovations in Infrastructure, Education, Fundraising and Civic Debate—and Cleaned up Rotting Animal Carcasses From the Streets

    by Katherine A. Foss

    At the end of the 19th century, one in seven people around the world had died of tuberculosis, and the disease ...

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Connecting California

Canceling School for COVID-19 Cheats California’s Kids

When This Epidemic Ends, Schools Should Make Up the 50 Days of Instruction Our Kids Are Missing Now

by Joe Mathews

Not one day.
 Our kids should not lose one day of school, not a single day of instruction, to the coronavirus.
 Let me be clear: I’m not arguing against closing schools right now, in the midst of the pandemic. Flattening the curve of infections comes first.
But the coronavirus must not be an excuse for permanently losing critical days of …


When Americans Fell in Love With the Ideal of ‘One World’

In 1943, Failed Presidential Candidate Wendell Willkie Advanced a Strikingly Anti-Racist, Anti-Colonial Plan to Bring the Planet Together

by Samuel Zipp

What do you think of when you think of the phrase “one world?” Chances are it sounds like a vague gesture of unity or worldly inclusivity, like a stock phrase from the language of global marketing kitsch. No surprise: American Airlines has its One World alliance brand and OneWorld is a fast-fashion line featuring “ethnic” prints. The tourist ...

Connecting California Joe Mathews