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A Medical Ethicist Asks How Can We Regenerate, Not Restore, Life Before COVID

A Return to What Was Cannot Fix the Challenges Laid Bare by This Unavoidable Pause

by Virginia L. Bartlett

On the walls of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where I work, there is a print by the artist Raymond Pettibon. It shows a swath of blue paint above the words, “Yes, but alas, the blue sky has been repainted. By restoration, there is no telling how much you have lost.”
  I usually visit Pettibon’s work on my way back from teaching rounds with the medical teams in the Intensive Care Unit. Alone after raw ...


Determining America’s National Myth Will Determine the Country’s Fate

The Ethno-Nationalist Vision of the United States Will Not Just 'Slink Off Into the Night'

by Colin Woodard

Alexander Hamilton had no illusions about what would happen to Americans if the United States collapsed.
  If the newly drafted Constitution wasn’t ratified, he warned in Federalist No. 8, a “War between the States,” fought by irregular armies across unfortified borders, was imminent. Large states would overrun small ones. “Plunder and devastation” would march across the landscape, reducing the citizenry to “a state of continual danger” that would nourish authoritarian …


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