• Essay

    An Elegy for Vancouver Summer

    Rising Temperatures and Raging Wildfires Have Me Dreading My Favorite Season—And Mourning the Splendid Days of My Childhood

    by Paloma Pacheco

    Last summer was my first in my new apartment. I’d moved into the building in the fall, several weeks …


How Does a Therapist Stay Neutral?

Counseling Couples or Families Is About Empathy, Not Objectivity

by Craig Libman

“He just doesn’t listen to me!” “She never understands what I’m going through!”
  There I sat, their psychotherapist, sandwiched between this couple who had been married at least 50 years. The husband, a Vietnam veteran with metastatic cancer, longstanding PTSD, and increased impairments from dementia. The wife, a full-time caregiver and retired school administrator, stressed out and facing her own increased cognitive challenges. This marriage, woven together by three children, many grandchildren, five military deployments …

The Takeaway

Héctor Tobar Peers Deep Into 'Our Migrant Souls'

The 2024 Book Prize Event, “What Is a ‘Latino’?” Explored the Work and Struggle of Building Community in L.A. and America

by Sarah Rothbard

The city of Los Angeles, the world’s most famous zócalo, and the word “Latino” are connected by a shared history—a history of people and cultures and languages colliding, explained journalist and novelist Héctor Tobar. Tobar is the winner of the 2024 Zócalo Public Square Book Prize for Our Migrant Souls: A Meditation on Race and the Meanings and Myths of “Latino,” and he was speaking at an event honoring his book and the themes of the prize: community, human connectedness, and social cohesion …

  • Why Shouldn't Phillis Wheatley's Poems Show Up at an NFL Game?

    At Last Night’s Event—”Can a Football Stadium Be a Black History Museum?”—Panelists Argued to Democratize Culture

    by Jackie Mansky

    On the rarified second level of SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, amid premium owner suites and premium beer sales, there’s an Angela Davis quote plastered on a wall.
    “Our histories never unfold in isolation,” reads the excerpt from the scholar and activist’s 2015 book, Freedom Is a Constant Struggle. “We cannot truly tell what we consider to be our own histories …