How You Can Spot—and Stop—the Next Putin

The Global Fight Against Authoritarianism Should Begin at Your Town Hall

Want to join the global fight against authoritarianism?

Then participate in your community’s local government.

Because authoritarians do not teleport fully formed from Jupiter into the leadership of nations. They have to learn how to rule anti-democratically here on earth, usually at the local level. Stopping authoritarianism globally requires all of us to identify and defeat our hometown autocrats, and make sure that local governments are as democratic as possible.

Imagine, for example, how much more peaceful the world might be if citizens of St. Petersburg had managed to stall the political career …

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The Country's Centralized Model Is a Danger to Democracy. Local Communities Could Fill the Void

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From Balta to Vinnytsia, Communities Have Been Growing in Power—and Democratic Innovation

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