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  • Essay

    What We Lose When We ‘Cancel’ Russian

    After the Ukraine Invasion, Enrollment in the Language Hit Historic Lows. But Turning Away Isolates the Entire Post-Soviet World

    by Caroline Tracey |

    Feeling decisive one morning during my sophomore year of college, I picked my major: Russian. I had been studying the language and was excited for the opportunity to read literature, …

  • The Takeaway

    How Poetry Marches Democracy Forward

    Spoken Word Artists Discuss the Power of Language in a ‘Post-Truth’ Nation

    by Talib Jabbar |

    The connection between poems and American politics runs deep. Presidents from John Quincy Adams to Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are published poets. Poets help usher in new presidential eras …

  • Essay

    How Is a Poem Like a Political Campaign?

    Whether You’re Knocking on Doors or Knocking out Verse, You’re Dealing in Hope, Uncertainty, and the Art of Persuasion

    by Derek Mong |

    To knock on a door and talk politics with a neighbor. To crack open a book and hear a new voice. To canvass a side street, zig-zagging between houses. To …

  • Essay

    Space Is Not Just for Scientists

    Public and Private Partnerships Built Our New Space Age—Which Should Include All Aspects of Human Endeavor

    by Jessica Rousset |

    Launching objects into orbit has never been so affordable nor has space ever been so accessible. As a result, humanity’s expansion into the universe is accelerating—and with it, the opportunity …

  • Connecting California

    The Mutual ‘F—k You’ Defines California Politics Today

    Both Citizens and Public Officials Need Protection From the Anger and Violence Threatening Civic Life

    by Joe Mathews |

    As he left office in December, Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz publicly addressed Angelenos who disrupt meetings of the scandal-plagued council with protests and profanity. “In their own …

  • Essay

    Unburying Franco and the Crimes of the Spanish Civil War

    For Six Decades, Spain Told a Dictator's Story. For the Past 22 Years, Citizens Have Been Creating a New Memory Landscape

    by Tyler Goldberger |

    Provocatively deemed “The Spanish Holocaust” by historian Paul Preston, the Spanish Civil War—a conflict, extending from 1936 to 1939 that resulted in the repression, torture, and death of hundreds of …